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In place of blog comments this week I am going to do a brief review of David McKenzie’s Final project draft:


  • I like the multiple layers of your project
  • I like the look and feel of your interface. It is attractive and yet not distracting which is very necessary because of the various kinds of maps, images, and content which will eventually fill your many links.

Areas that could be Improved:

  • In the multiple layers, specifically in the Washington section, the text changes its justification with each link.
  • While the Journal entry within the Journey section is interesting it needs a little more left padding to make it easier to read. It could also be cool to have an image of the original document if at all possible.

Great job overall David! I can’t wait to see everyone’s in class over the next two weeks!

2 Responses to Blog Comments

  1. Thanks for the comments Lindsey! That will help me as I work on it over the weekend. 🙂 A lot of what I have in there is filler and very preliminary, so good to know what I need to fix as I populate the content. Can’t wait to see yours, too!

  2. I should add, with the journal, unfortunately I’ve only used a published version of it. Sadly the publication was dated 1940, privately published by the woman’s grandson. So, I doubt I could track down the copyright holder. 😦

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